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Building CSS – Naming conventions and Nomenclature

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Building a CSS from scratch can be an inevitable task for budding UI designers. Since i belong to that genre of the profession, and am already starting to build a brand new css from scratch…and already digging my head deep into the fathoms of web to find out the perfect article that equips me with the best way of naming my IDs and Classes.

The primary point that all those articles are trying to convey is that, naming ids and classes whold be done in a structural point of view with respect to the layout and not in a Visual perspective. ie, giving names that reveal the position, and the scope of the element in the visual mindset. For eg, a ‘leftnav’ could be replaced with a ‘subnav’, which is more structural and helps flexibility. Find inspiration from the following links and get your naming skills sharpened up 😉


Wishing you all happy css-ing ahead…


Written by Ranjith

February 22, 2008 at 4:25 pm

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