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A wonderful day @ WONDERLA !

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There may be lots of ways in which you could shed your stress and worries for a day…but the way that we chose yesterday was perhaps the best choice that we had made and this day would remain evergreen in my life !

Wonderla – The rocking amusement park situated in the outskirts of the bangalore city in the mysore road is undoubtedly the craziest amusement parks that ive ever visited. This was our full day destination for a one day team event. I cant wait more to get into the wackiest rides here…

We, four of us, reached there by around 11.30, totally unaware that some crazy events are going to pounce upon us from then ! We changed and kept our belongings in the locker and started to explore the rides in this wonderful park.

The first shock came when we got into the broad ‘Wonderla Bamba’

Not that thrilling but yes, i definitely made us know that there are more to come 🙂


Then came the ‘Wonderla Splash’

This could come into the league of rides that would make your hormones go for a ride ;). The moment we start our ride downwards from the steep rail..starts the thrill and fun . The highlight was the photo that was taken unaware on that moment and that would reveal the fun and thrill in our faces.  I would love to go into this one a ten times !


Some High Profile thrillers


Drop Zone

This was not supposed to be a high profile thriller, but somehow found its place in the list. The trick was the uncertaintly on when we will be getting dropped from the hold of the lever and when we are freeflowing to the ground all of a sudden. I enjoyed it !



The literally ‘Insane’ ride that the park has ! This masterpiece throws and juggles you around in the ai, ofcourse with the seat belt on, or else you would have found me somewhere in the outskirts of the city mountain range having got thrown out of the park premises itself 😉 This one was AMAZINGGGGGGGG…… I felt all my blood cells bursting virtually…



If you see this ride from ground…you ll feel there are some mices fitted into the seats of the machine and they are just been thrown and played around insanely just like when they are caught within a hurricane. I would rate this one as the BEST in the rides in this park. Still i can feel the rush of blood through my vessels ! Never miss this one if you are thrill lover 🙂


These are some of the rides that could amaze and amuse you…but this cool nice park has a host of other fun rides and lots of water rides that could virtually take away your worries for the day. 



This wonderful place is located in the ourskirts of bangalorw, on the mysore road. Its around one and a half hour ride from the city, and is pretty well organised and clean to the core. I really like the way they have maintained the place and planning when i can go back for another exploring journey 🙂

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September 27, 2008 at 10:29 pm

The browser war has a new joinee – GOOGLE CHROME !

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Suddenly there has been an announcement and a sudden launch of a new browser to the world of hacks and compatibility, making life more challenging for the web developers around the world. Will it be a new ground of web experience for the netizens around ? Well…we need to wait and watch…

Im taking about the launch of the new browser ‘CHROME’ by google,  yesterday. The service went live at 12 Noon PT yesterday and is available for Windows Vista and XP – for now. Mac and Linux versions are coming soon. It will launch in 122 countries and 43 languages. It is also fully open-source.

I just downloaded the app and this blog comes right from the  cute and clean tab of CHROME. Its a clean and simple interface and google has kept its consistency around the theme that they normally follow – SIMPLE and EASY TO USE. Actually this sudden launch of this new member of the google family was reportedly because of a leakage of information about the browser project that was under progress in google for the last 2 years and the corporate has told that it is a ‘huge investment’ for the company.


There are many pros and cons about chrome, but one thing is clear. It has a long way to go,for being at par with the other players in the arena.  Here are some updates

  • Tabbed browsing, as it has become a norm by now 😉
  • Addressbar cum Search bar (In chrome it is the ‘omnibar’ that functions as both an address bar and a search bar)
  • Newly created tab showing recently visited site links and screeshots increasing the usability
  • Total security from intrusions through web, as chrome has an additional security layer that makes it inaccessible for those bad guys around to access your system registry via web

One major disadvantage would be the absence of effective extensions which firefox has in abundance. But never to underestimate, im expecting wonders from the search engine sultan !

Courtesy : ZDNET Blog

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September 3, 2008 at 12:21 am

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