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‘BANG’alooru Life-Cycle

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The silicon-valley of India, City with most number of IT professionals, Garden City, The dream destination for aspiring Techies…Bengalooru is such a cool place to live in.

Sorry, excuse me – It ‘was’!

Open-up the recent newspapers and go through them…you ll find this cool city finding its own way to trouble. Slowly picking up its notorious image in many ways. be it cases of road-rage, crimes upon greed for money, violence against ladies and now the serial blasts that has shaken the city and the whole industry, Bengalooru definitely is going to lose its place among the top destinations in the country.

The exploding growth and the ever-increasing demand for day-to-day commodities are gonna land this clean city under tremendous pressure in coming days.

Scattered Groups of well-dressed guys/chicks waiting for their cabs, swarms of Buses and Tempo travellers labeled with logo of some eminent corporate rushing along the road, motorists appearing from shortcut routes making it seem to be appearing from nowhere and at-last a dead-lock created in the nearby junction due to narrow roads – a day begins in this city! Transmutation is a nightmare for most of the time, with non-ending trails of vehicles drawing a very sorry figure of this Silicon Valley…

Step out of the comfort of your air-conditioned seat @ work and you probably will be landing into a place which makes you seem like you’ve switched into another TV channel accidentally! The roads are pot-holes reminding the ones in kerala and pedestrian paths being used by motorists is a daily sight. Road infrastructure is a major problem here…

Do you not own a two-wheeler and are you residing in a not so residential area in the city? Well, forget about going out for purchasing something from the nearby shop towards night. The road would have become a conferencing ground for the canine friends in your locality by that time! The city seems to have fallen in love with the stray dog community here, and you could find more no. of dogs in the road than humans towards night and the corporation even has figures that deduct statistics of dog bite per day J. I’ve heard news about the authorities taking steps to end the dog menace in the city, but for me it just remains news…

Adding to the long list of problem that we already have in pocket, here comes a power cut-off for almost 6 hours a day! The reason is the shortage of water in the hydel power stations somewhere. To cope with the power shortage, industries are depending on power generators and buying fuel at an alarming rate which has led to a shortage of diesel in the city. Long queues in fuel stations are adding to the traffic jam problem and here a cycle becomes complete!

Is this what we call the ‘BANGALORE LIFE CYCLE’?

I think its high time we all realise this and act for a change and bring back the city to the full glory that it used to be in !

[ Important Note: Readers, this is just a view expressed and not to be taken offence. Personally im a fan of this city, but i feel there are somethings that needs to be changed forever and hence this post! Again, take it in right spirits friends 🙂 ]


Written by Ranjith

July 28, 2008 at 10:54 am

Posted in Life

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  1. I wouldn’t blame the city for this 🙂

    how many times do u visit forum mall in a month??
    (Lights in those malls are not fro them… its to attract ppl like us.. stop going there.. and u save most of the electricity & travel)

    how much money do u spend travelling on the weekends (forum mall or cinema halls)?
    (100Rs petrol… 300Rs ticket .. popcorn, pepsi… and the list goes on….)

    how much time do u spend on internet and TV?
    (Did u know that every hr of TV u watch uses up 1 watt electricity.. now thats a small 21″ screen.
    i guess we forgot reading and playing long back…. time to get that back 🙂 )

    LCD’s are energy efficient… but did u ever see what’s the average usage of ur 17″ 😉

    AC in the CAB, AC in office , AC at home… not to mention the numerous Glass panel buildings that increase temperature….

    y should a single person travel in a AC CAR to office?? y not use the city transport..?? or office bus?

    dogs… haven’t faced any problem with them…

    its not the city… its us…

    we need to change it. stop doing half the things above… and i am sure we can make any city liveable 🙂

    1st reply

    July 28, 2008 at 1:48 pm

  2. Thanks for the comment Mr.guessnot ! 😉
    I completely agree to this, only hte people can save the city and it needs a lot of hardwork…everyone shud take the initiative for this…


    July 28, 2008 at 2:13 pm

  3. Dude those are signs of development.How could you blame the city,in India the infrastructure grows with the growth of the city you got to give it time look at New York, see the number of traffic jams they have.The Govt did propose a Metro long ago, our great Shankarnag was the chief architect but the center turned it down saying Bangalore did not require one. The govt tries to cut down the dog menace, but the human rights activists come on the roads protesting (don’t tell me u didn’t read that).What do u do if there is no rains, generate power from diesel(what option’s do you have). Check other states like Maharashtra, Andra , TN every one has a power problem. The climate of Bangalore is still cool, compared to most of our metros. You talk about the crime rate in Bangalore compare it with our metros and give me a statistic see Delhi or Mumbai. Easy to talk bad things about the city.


    July 29, 2008 at 11:03 am

  4. Hi Deepak,

    Personally im a fan of bangalore and through this article i just wanted to highlight the bad side of the city. No hard feelings plz..and im a person who believes that every deed from an individual contributes to the character of a city 🙂



    July 29, 2008 at 2:11 pm

  5. it is quite reality in bangalore today… Ranjith u are right man!!! if i have to answer how is bangalore today, here is the answer in ur post. as i am born and brought up here, bangalore today is not waht it was just a year back…

    But yes we got to change this, lets try!!!



    July 29, 2008 at 3:47 pm

  6. I have only one question. If you love this city then why you have written this article this like. It seems like you are hating this city as hell. Better you can relocate to your native place if you dont like this city.

    music dot bangalore at gmail dot com


    July 29, 2008 at 3:52 pm

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