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Written by Ranjith

July 29, 2008 at 2:13 pm

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THE ALCHEMIST – A Reader’s view

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Seldom does a printed information leaves an ever- lasting impression in one’s mind. This was one such book facilitating a complete transformation of one’s mind. The story had a charisma in itself, and the author played his role very well in delivering a masterpiece, that was destined to change lives of millions of readers and show the right path to several others.

“The Alchemist”, by Paulo Coelho, is what i’m talking about. A book that talks about how a boy found his destiny and shows others how to find one’s and travel towards the fulfilling of their dreams. It has left an everlasting impression on me and I believe that there can be a lot of interpretations about the same book, based on the point of view of readers. Everyone has their own view and perception of a single source can be different for different individuals. and that is what this book tells exactly about – How to travel towards your destiny and listen to the sounds an call of your own mind.

Listening to your heart and following it, is one thing that most of them fail to do these days. They are merely following their daily routines. There are great artists hidden in a businessman, a great philosopher may be waiting to emerge from a busy shopkeeper. All these men just failed to follow their heart. Following sheepishly to meet their daily needs and earn a living, by sacrificing the ultimate call of their hearts!

And this, one can’t blame it on the attitude, but the situation and circumstances forces a man to sacrifice the call of his heart and this book is the perfect guide on how to challenge the odds and reach your destiny – Find out what you are destined to do in life!

I’m fortunate enough in having chosen a profession that i’ve always wanted to be and I believe, i’m following my heart’s voice. Thanking the almighty and following my dreams that I firmly believe will help me reach the destiny as the boy did by discovering the treasure beneath the old tree in the abandoned church.

This life indeed is a search for a treasure…:)

Written by Ranjith

July 29, 2008 at 10:22 am

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‘BANG’alooru Life-Cycle

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The silicon-valley of India, City with most number of IT professionals, Garden City, The dream destination for aspiring Techies…Bengalooru is such a cool place to live in.

Sorry, excuse me – It ‘was’!

Open-up the recent newspapers and go through them…you ll find this cool city finding its own way to trouble. Slowly picking up its notorious image in many ways. be it cases of road-rage, crimes upon greed for money, violence against ladies and now the serial blasts that has shaken the city and the whole industry, Bengalooru definitely is going to lose its place among the top destinations in the country.

The exploding growth and the ever-increasing demand for day-to-day commodities are gonna land this clean city under tremendous pressure in coming days.

Scattered Groups of well-dressed guys/chicks waiting for their cabs, swarms of Buses and Tempo travellers labeled with logo of some eminent corporate rushing along the road, motorists appearing from shortcut routes making it seem to be appearing from nowhere and at-last a dead-lock created in the nearby junction due to narrow roads – a day begins in this city! Transmutation is a nightmare for most of the time, with non-ending trails of vehicles drawing a very sorry figure of this Silicon Valley…

Step out of the comfort of your air-conditioned seat @ work and you probably will be landing into a place which makes you seem like you’ve switched into another TV channel accidentally! The roads are pot-holes reminding the ones in kerala and pedestrian paths being used by motorists is a daily sight. Road infrastructure is a major problem here…

Do you not own a two-wheeler and are you residing in a not so residential area in the city? Well, forget about going out for purchasing something from the nearby shop towards night. The road would have become a conferencing ground for the canine friends in your locality by that time! The city seems to have fallen in love with the stray dog community here, and you could find more no. of dogs in the road than humans towards night and the corporation even has figures that deduct statistics of dog bite per day J. I’ve heard news about the authorities taking steps to end the dog menace in the city, but for me it just remains news…

Adding to the long list of problem that we already have in pocket, here comes a power cut-off for almost 6 hours a day! The reason is the shortage of water in the hydel power stations somewhere. To cope with the power shortage, industries are depending on power generators and buying fuel at an alarming rate which has led to a shortage of diesel in the city. Long queues in fuel stations are adding to the traffic jam problem and here a cycle becomes complete!

Is this what we call the ‘BANGALORE LIFE CYCLE’?

I think its high time we all realise this and act for a change and bring back the city to the full glory that it used to be in !

[ Important Note: Readers, this is just a view expressed and not to be taken offence. Personally im a fan of this city, but i feel there are somethings that needs to be changed forever and hence this post! Again, take it in right spirits friends 🙂 ]

Written by Ranjith

July 28, 2008 at 10:54 am

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Creating CSS menus on the Fly !

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This is insane ! This is a boon too 🙂

The first feeling that came to mind when this article opened in my 17 ” monitor, was ‘ASTONISHMENT’. How easy have they made creating CSS menus ! This really is a great tool to work with, saving lots and lots of coding time for projects. It makes cssing look a child’s play with the sort of approach they’ve followed. A wizard based approach to create css menus….great job

Have a luk CSS ers 🙂 :

Written by Ranjith

July 24, 2008 at 10:32 am

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Access Keys – Accessible Navigation

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Making a web experience memorable and more accessible to all the users out there is really a daunting task. There are huge amount of techniques and approaches, that can be applied to a web presence to make it more accessible. Here is one among them – ‘ACCESS KEYS’
‘Access keys’ offer a convenient mechanism for people with motor skill disabilities , such as Cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, etc., to access links or interface elements without having to cycle through all of the other links and interface elements in the content. With this technique, we assign shortcut keys that enable various functionalities of an application/page (only certain tags support accesskey), and hence avoids the need to move the cursor to the button or link and hence saves a lot of time and improves the workflow and user experience.



Access keys can be implemented, by including the keyword <accesskey = character > within the tag, where the character will be a single character from the document set.


<FORM action=”…” method=”post”>
<LABEL for=”fuser” accesskey=”U”> User Name </LABEL>
<INPUT type=”text” name=”user” id=”fuser”>

This would implement the accesskey for the label, and enables the user to navigate to the corresponding textbox, by pressing ‘browser-specific key’ + ‘U’. This means there are some browser keys/Key combinations, that needs to be pressed before the character mentioned in the accesskey tag, inorder to activate the element.

Here are some keys for accesskey activation in various common browsers

IE – ‘Alt’ + ‘character’
FF – ‘Shift+ Alt’ + ‘character’


Pressing an access key assigned to an element gives focus to the element. The action that occurs when an element receives focus depends on the element. For example, when a user activates a link defined by the A element, the user agent generally follows the link. When a user activates a radio button, the user agent changes the value of the radio button. When the user activates a text field, it allows input, etc.


Again there are some differences in the way ‘accesskey’ works in various browsers.

  • In IE, using the access key typically only gives focus to the element. If the element is a link, it is not followed. The user can thus move to a link (e.g., in order to proceed by tabbing then), as separately from following it, which can be activating by hitting the Enter key when the focus is on the link. The implementation of accesskeys on IE is not very consistent. For example, using an accesskey for a checkbox does not just focus on it but also toggles its setting.
  • FF follows the link, when accesskey is specified in an anchor tag.
  • Opera doesn’t support access keys
  • Netscape follows a link when an access key is used
  • On Netscape 6, the support is similar. Using an access key to select a link causes the link to be followed. And it seems that access keys are not supported for form buttons
  • In IE on the Mac platform, access key is performed with the control key, in combination with the key specified in the accesskey attribute. For links, the implementation follows the link rather than just setting focus on it.


Written by Ranjith

July 15, 2008 at 10:41 am

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