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Few often can a book bring out dramatic changes in the way you see life altogether, and believe me… those books are worth a million and you cant even imagine how much inspiration it can give you in times of need. Atleast thats what i feel.

Ive read some, if not a lot, and ive found them to be saviours in my life at times of grief and scarcity, when you are running out of that inspirational essence with which you can move your heart and mind ahead. But now i would like to bring onto the highlight such a book, which speaks about perseverance and some real life incidents that i bet would move anybody and help spark that fire within to keep going.

‘Its always too soon to quit’ is one from those chosen ones. The author who used to be a teacher by profession tells us that, the schools and colleges that we have right now really miss an important topic which needs to be transferred onto the coming generations, and that is the TOPIC ON LIFE….HOW TO LIVE YOUR LIFE….HOW TO GIVE LIFE THE VALUE IT DESERVES ! With lots of inspirational incidents and real life stories of perseverance and hardwork, the author invokes a sense of confidence in the readers and helps them to draw inspiration.

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Written by Ranjith

February 15, 2008 at 1:40 pm

Posted in Books

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