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The perfect line-length

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Ever wondered what are the contributing factors of a web-page providing a soothing user experience as far as reading is concerned ?

Well, the line length plays a major role in this. Im talking about creating a good reading experience that invites the user to read the content that is available on the page rather than skipping it…One of the primary thought that comes into the mind of the reader/user, which makes him to decide whether to stay on the page or not, will be the length of the text line.

Let me put it in another way. If you have content that stretches from the right to the left across the wide screen you are having, and you think that you are doing gud as a UI designer and sae a lot of space, you are wrong. The reader who is reading the content will have a very bad time reading the page and you lose a reader 🙂

The  perfect line length for the content is dependent on the physiology of the reader’s field of vision, roughly it could read 12 words per line easily and this is what is seen as the  perfect one ! The explanation behind it is that, when the text length exceeds the standard, the user needs to stretch his/her eye to left/right and needs to move the neck to read the complete text and this could be a strain.

Refer to the article in maxdesign

So the next time you go for designing a page keep in mind that the reader of your content is not disturbed and the line length is perfect for the user to read 🙂


Written by Ranjith

February 8, 2008 at 3:54 pm

Posted in UI

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