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Who am I ?

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Definitely not the title of a super duper hollywood hit movie !

This is a question that seems unanswered at times, regarding my profile in the organisation. Well, im proud that im getting all these exposures and am eager to learn. But isnt there a pride associated with those profiles? – An IA, A Graphic Designer, A UI Developer, the list goes on and on. When all these profiles are jammed up and packed into a single profile and when we are exposed to the situation where we need to play the multi-role game, the title’s  genuinity hangs in the balance and thats what should be avoided. Nevertheless, the quality should not be compromised ultimately, thats what is the need for a professional.

Recently, ive been playing the multi-role game and im enjoying every bit of it. But the question rises when there some across us some genuine issues that needs to be delt with with the most professional touch. Here comes into play, the training and the standards followed by the UI Person or the IA whatever he is called 😉 Coming across the profile for an information architect, i feel stranded amidst some torrent of information Wireframes and screenflows. This really is a different world of business concepts and diagrams, and the design elements, color palette and the visual appeals..that once ruled my mind has no role here !

But still, it remains unanswered – WHO AM I ?


Written by Ranjith

February 6, 2008 at 11:07 pm

Posted in UI

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