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Computing is getting too personal – MOJOPAC has arrived :)

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Moving around places and missing all the softwares and environments in your PC back home, has been a pain for most of the software professionals. Being a designer ive felt that pain whenever i travel out where i dont have access to the sort of softwares that i have at my PC @ home. There seems to be an end for this trivia.

I just came across an interesting software that is offering solutions that enables you to carry around all the softwares and environment as it is in your PC, and work in any other PC with the same set of s/w, without even installing the softwares in the new PC. Im talking about “Mojopac”. Get to know this new technology…


MojoPac is a technology that transforms your iPod or USB Hard Drive or Flash drive into a portable and private PC. Just install MojoPac on any USB 2.0 complaint storage device, upload your applications and files, modify your user settings and environment preferences, and take it with you everywhere.

Every time you plug your MojoPac-enabled device into any Windows XP PC , MojoPac automatically launches your environment on the host PC. Your communications, music, games, applications, and files are all local and accessible. And when you unplug the MojoPac device, no trace is left behind – your information is not cached on the host PC.


Written by Ranjith

January 5, 2007 at 4:06 pm

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