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Into a new playground – UE

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Having decided to dive into the UE arena, im seeing infinite opportunities of improvement and there are lots and lots of new information and skills to be tamed and ive just started my journey towards a UE developer. Moving away from the likes of Visual designing will definitely make a low morale, but the way im moving seems to be more apt and i believe this is what im destined to be in.

The starting will definitely be a bitter experience and there wont be any cakewalk..thats sure. As a first step, im trying to learn the basics of AJAX. After the briefing from my Manager, this decision of mine alone can fetch me a good project in my workplace, and this decision will affect my entire career and im prepared for that. This blog can be a place where my experimentations and aspirations in UE Development will find place….and really looking forward for a better UE experience.


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December 17, 2006 at 7:00 pm

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The ‘Aero’ experience

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Its all about the new windows vista!

Microsoft has put on a great effort in this latest version of windows…to make a hell a lot of new features and a great new look. i would say that this is microsoft’s greatest ever release of their new OS version and i am all praises for this sort of an effort from the S/w giant. But like every new products, this version of windows has also got a lot of minuses or shortcomings rather, that the IT gurus all over the world would say. Lets go through the pros and cons of this exciting new version and lets come to know what actually can vista give users…

First let me take through the highlights if the OS

Vista’s single best feature is the graphics subsystem and Aero “Glass” user experience it enables (when your hardware supports it). Direct support for advanced 3-D graphics processors, vector-based graphics and fonts, DPI scaling, reflections, transparencies, 3-D movements and a whole range of visual improvements account for the most profound change to Vista. The new integrated desktop search features, the ability to save searches as dynamic collections, and some new data sorting and visualizing options (including “stacking”) make up the next most significant feature set.
Have a luk at the mindblowing interface for the Vista start screen 😎

Another what’s-new story about Vista concerns bundled applications. Vista adds several new apps, such as Windows Defender, Sidebar, Calendar, Photo Gallery, DVD Maker, Fax and Scan, and BitLocker full-volume encryption. Significantly upgraded bundled apps include Internet Explorer 7+, Windows Mail (Outlook Express), Media Player 11, Movie Maker, Speech Recognition, Windows Meeting Space (Wi-Fi-based peer presentation/file sharing), automatic hard-drive defragmentation and disk backup.

There are loads of stuffs that we can add as highlights…but since i have to go to bed and since there is a time constrain…let me make a quick drift towards the cons of the subject.

These are the some of the headaches associated with the Vista users in the future. Well…this can be MS’s new strategy to raise the bar and to increase the hardware sales as well, but its for sure that there are some sufferers also.

Vista requires 128MB of video memory in order for the up-level Aero Glass features to take effect.

The stratification of PCs based on whether they can display Aero will become a headache for IT managers. This problem is likely to grow over time, as more business-class PCs are equipped with 128MB or more of video memory. Most business people have little use for 128MB of video RAM

Will be back with more information soon…till then its gnite…:)

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December 12, 2006 at 10:24 pm

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WINDOWS Vista – Is it worth the wait??

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The much hyped release of the Windows Vista is almost around the corner…and the innovative features are being brought to the daylight. In this juncture where the hype has been the highest ever in the history of microsoft…i m just wondering if, this release of the new OS from Microsoft is worth the wait !! Well…im gathering some solid information about this so called ‘cool’ windows…and lets find out if this is what the tech world was waiting for…watch out for the next few posts from me…..

Written by Ranjith

December 6, 2006 at 5:50 pm

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