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Web Designers and Developer’s Handbook

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A great resource for Web Designers and Developers.


Written by Ranjith

November 25, 2006 at 12:40 pm

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Crossing the development barrier …..

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The last couple of months were very important for my career as a professional trying to make the web a better place. Having been involved in a project that gave me more or less great opportunities to peep into the complexities and the processes of site development, was indeed an invaluable experience added to my career. This has been my first project in which i was working on completely CSS based layouts. The talents around me were always inspiring me to deliver the best and there was a sense of competition in the air. This is what ive been dreaming of for the last years in my career and this exactly is what i needed to build a robust basement to my professinal career as a Creative Designer.

But there are some downfalls…some compromises rather…
Now i have started to understand, how important it is to concentrate in development technologies that are essential for a Creative. Having worked on visual designing and more into graphic and flash animations…this was my first exposure to a more development oriented project and it really helped to find out a way or rather identify my real vision as a designer.

So here is a small thought for all those designers sticking to visual designing(Of course who are willing to undergo changes and want to have a broader and out there in the blue….guys…if you really want to come up in your career with a broader perspective of the web, rather than wanting to stick onto visual designing…go and try out the latest technologies that are taking the web with a storm. There are hell a lot of technologies out there and you cant just master them in a fortnight…So make up your mind and try to learn some of them which really can make a difference in you and which would give u an edge over others…

Im all set to dive into the development arena and am gonna cross the development barrier as a designer…:)..wait for some cool posts in those new technologies…

Written by Ranjith

November 8, 2006 at 4:27 pm

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