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The Perfect Interface a.k.a Yahoo Beta Mail

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Yes…its the perfect mail interface ive ever worked with. The all new Yahoo mail beta interface is the coolest of all, ive ever used. Having had a found out how friendly that interface was, i was just wondering if yahoo is gonna lead the next generation interface revolution in web. They are giving a lot of efforts into the user experience and interaction design in each and every products of theirs. This also is a evident threat to their arch rival – Google. But google is another giant in this field and never one to be underestimated, they are really into this competition by making some key acquisitions of some strategic companies….the acquisition of being one of the costliest ever acquisition done by google for a single company.
Get the facts and figures about the deal from –

This huge leap for google will help them match their video presence in web with that of yahoo. Lets watch patiently what this competition is going to gift us with. No doubt there is something i n the store for us that is far better than the present……lets hope atleast 🙂


Written by Ranjith

October 13, 2006 at 3:33 pm

Posted in UI

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