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The constituents of success…not cake ofcourse !

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The passed-by week was one of the important moments in my professional life. There were instances that made me know my shortcomings and there were some eventful days that really brought about a seriousness in me. I was always taking things for granted and that week showed me how dangerous those casual approach will be to one’s career. It has been an eyeopener for me and ive found many key factors that are unavoidable and essential for a clear and successful career.
Being a creative designer, patience is a compulsory trait and that is ought to come through experience. But, ive understood that the soft skills or exceptional talent in designing an awesome layout or sailing through an application are never the skills that would help one designer climb the corporate ladder upwards. Those are just the weapons that one might have to sharpen even more, daily, for surviving in the exploding competition day by day. The things that actually matter are the interpersonal skills and ability to lead an organised life. I personally believe that once you are confident enough in your personal life the confidence in your professional life follows…those just follow. In a drive to set some of my shortcomings right…im focussed on my interpersonal and other skills like concentration and organised approach.

So by now….its all the known fact that success is not a cake walk and ive just realised that…;)


Written by Ranjith

October 9, 2006 at 9:29 pm

Posted in Life

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