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Hi All….Its been a pretty long time since ive posted. Ive been travelling towards north for a project and now im working in the headoffice of our company in Delhi. Its much different atmosphere here. The professional way of working can be found in each and every thing that is done here and there is a far better pool of talents here. Working with such intellects really brings up the best in you and there is an urge to deliver everytime you work on a project. The long hours that are spent in office are normal here and people just dont bother working long, and this doesnt mean that there is no fun here. Work hard and party harder is the buzzword. There are loads of fun and its the reason why this is the second best place to work for in the country.

Always compelling one to deliver his best out of him, SAPIENT indeed is a great place to work for. Drawing inspiration from the daily happenings here and surely improving day by day. This is one state of mind which ive dreamt to be in for years.

More cool stuff to follow here in my blog…hangon and share your views with me.


Written by Ranjith

September 25, 2006 at 4:31 pm

Posted in Life

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