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Its high-time to dive back to CSS :). Here in SAPIENT, there is a new assignment waiting for me and hope that it provides the thrust and inspiration for the my CSS aspirations. Im just been informed about this new opportunity and it surely will be a challenging experience, working with senior designers in delhi. Starting to get warmed up with the cascading style sheets and there is a long path ahead of me to ebe explored !!

Having agreed to travel to delhi for this project, there will be yet another couple or maybe three months of hardships as far as food and lifestyle is concerned. But the compromises that are being made surely are for some really great returns. The work environment there in delhi is absolutely superb and a chance to work with a team of talented senior designers is never to be wasted. Lets see what happens in another 3 months and im sure that whatever maybe happening, that will be indeed an added advantage for my career :), afterall life’s a journey where all gud and bad experiences are great reminders and gives a real boost to survive in the competitive world. Have planned to give some useful posts, technically regarding CSS in times to come…..

So pals…watch out for the CSS torrent of posts 😀


Written by Ranjith

September 10, 2006 at 8:03 pm

Posted in UI

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