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Starting off for the next milestone for MYSTICPIXELS….a revamp of online portfolio

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Its high time to work for a much needed change !
Personally and professionally, i feel this is the time for a well streamlined change. Its been months and years since ive given my complete effort to a masterpiece of mine, and i feel this is the time. Working with one of the best professional IT consultants in the country, there is a scope for some drastic improvements and change in my life. Fortunate enough to have been exposed to various levels of life, and experiences acting as timely reminders putting me back in the right track, life has been a great teacher to me and im continuing to draw inspiration from my daily life.
Online portfolio updation has been a prioritised task for me for the last few months. Due to various hindrances coming in the way…i was forced to delay the work for some time now. The career break has given me some really fresh ideas and new thoughts to apply in life. Looking forward to integrate all those valuable thoughts into the next version of my online portfolio, and really raring to accomplish that next level.



Written by Ranjith

August 29, 2006 at 3:10 pm

Posted in Life

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