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Time management and planning – A key to success

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Eversince ive joined SAPIENT, bangalore, there have been one thing or the other happening everyday. Now, into the orientation program that im exposed to here, it was really impressive and there is a sense of feeling that im being provided with some key information that i think were missing in my professional life.
“TIME MANAGEMENT” was the topic and the training spanned a full day of interactive and useful workshop. Handled by Rema from “TIME MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL”, it was indeed a treasure of information being passed on to all the thirteen of us, all being associates in respective streams. Eventhough these were the basics that my dad have been telling me from childhood, its our nature to pay more attention to something thats being compulsorily forced upon us rather than on something which is available freely. That was exactly what happened here also. I feel satisfied now having listened to the session carefully and grabbed some points and principles that Rema was trying to convey. Now the real challenge lies in actually implementing those things in the real life, and that is what counts !
The four box models of planning and other topics are really useful to be implemented in the real life and there are more stuff coming the next day, in the form of “BUSINESS COMMUNICATION”.
Exposed to such stringent and valuable orientation programs for the first time, its been a reallly eventful experience and hope to continue with the good spirit.


Written by Ranjith

August 23, 2006 at 5:08 pm

Posted in Professional Life

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