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Position hierarchy of a creative design profession…a dilemma ..

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This still seems to be a mystery search for me…..
Being a creative designer, Ive been puzzled about the prospective positions that one such professional can get after he has gained pretty much experience in the field. Having found a dream company for creatives…im still confused if a creative designer is having a wider options as compared to a developer, in case of the prospective roles that he can play in his employer organisation. Considering the fact that, creative designers cant play a much important role than developers in an IT company…i doubt if a senior creative designer position is all wat a creative designer can get in an IT company. Of course, a creative designer is in much demand than a developer in a multimedia company, but when it comes to software companies….the role of a creative designer is limited. It often gets limited to a senior creative designer or atmost a manager creative designer or likewise positions.
Looking down the line, i feel that, a creative designer to make it to the top of the hierarchy tree, he should be ready to sacrifice something in his career. Maybe, he can opt for a role of Information Architect or so on goes the tree. But in the case of an IA, he moving closer to a developer role and he surely needs to sacrifice the creative thirsts within him…..

Wonder….if thats the only option left …………….


Written by Ranjith

August 20, 2006 at 1:45 pm

Posted in Professional Life

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