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Its a traffic junkyard here…..but yes there are some positives too ;)

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Just getting to settle down in the silicon valley and into my second week here. Of all these adays that i ve spend here ive found the traffic here horrible. Long unending queues of vehicles are a daily sight in this siliconvalley city. Maybe the architects of the city forgot that they are gonna face such huge surge of population when they planned the city. This city is exploding all the time and i fear its time this mushrooming come to an end soon, bringing peace to the mind of lakhs..atleast a lil bit 😉

Now coming into the experiences that i had so far here, it was phenomenal. The new company that ive joined has made me awestruck seeing the professional approach that they are implementing into the whole process. It really is to provide me with loads of wisdom and knowledge in years to come down the line. Im a happy man in that case…but again the traffic and the bombarding cost of living in this materialistic city is alarming. Lets think that its a compromising factor considering the exposure and the knowledge treasure waiting to be unlocked…Bringing some wisdom thoughts and bringing a professionalistic approach will be my objectives here and getting better as a human is always my primary consideration.

Hoping that Bangalore has lots to give me in my life and welcoming the great city with an open mind, into my life both as a professional and as an individual.


Written by Ranjith

August 14, 2006 at 10:00 pm

Posted in Life

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