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CSS layouts: The next step for a tabler ;-)

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Yes….its time to change now. Ive been designing layouts for some time now and ive been doing them using tables till some months before. Since, i came across the CSS style of designing layouts, ive been feeling how badly ive used tables before, hoping away from their actual usage, and deviating from what they are actually meant for in designing web pages.

One who knows about the various accessiblility guidelines put forward by ‘W3C’, shud avoid using tables for just positioning and beautifying the layout. They are not meant for tat! CSS is there for positioning. It would be a bit difficult for the beginners to transform from the traditional table method to the powerful and flexible CSS method. But the effort is worth it and it will be a graduation to the next level of layout designing.

Im enjoying my journey from the old table layouts to the brand new CSS layouts. Of course, internet is my ultimate teacher and it virtually unimaginable where i would have been standing without this information superhighway.
Ill keep you all posted on the advancements hereon…….Stay on and alive here 🙂


Written by Ranjith

July 6, 2006 at 9:14 pm

Posted in UI

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