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XML & HTML – Peeping into this relationship…

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Having decided to concentrate in the web, ive been in a search for a technology which enables me to put some dynamic data into my webpages without having to go too far into complex database packages like Oracle, SQL and all. Having met XML, i think the search is almost over for me now !

XML – Xtensible Markup Language, can be efficiently used with html, to create some brilliant user experience. This language is actually for managing the data and we can display it through HTML, XSL. It as all other languages is an ocean and the key is to master those parts of the technology that you need and which are of most use for yourself in effectively increasing the speed of workflow, and im just trying to do that with this language. Right now im referring XML bible, and once i get the technical parts right, i shall be in a position to enter the league of XML pros….hopefully and expect more useful posts from me related to this new technology also from me.


Written by Ranjith

June 26, 2006 at 12:06 am

Posted in UI

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