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2advanced crosses the flash barrier with DDL

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Was going deep into the v.5 of 2advanced official site. They just amazes me with the amount of hardwork and innovation being included in each of their work. This one is a real stunner for the entire flash community. This time, we have to gaze into the usage of technology in the site rather than the jazzy animations that used to be their primary weapon.
They have literally crossed the barrier of flash usability hurdles when compared to a html site.

‘Use’ the site, and you will find that it behaves like an html site, with all functionalities of a browser available, despite being a complete flash site.

They have made the site to communicate with the browser using some groundbreaking technologies. After going through the case studies given in the site which is basically a behind the scene article, i came to knwo that they have developed a modular sub-system called DDL(Dynamic Deep Linking), that enables the flash movies to commnicate with the user’s browser, which are believed to be impossible in a flash site. Now we can use the history, back, forward buttons, create bookmarks, etc, without returning to the start of the movie.
Another breathtaking innovation done by these guys are XML data caching, where the browser requests for data are processed from an XML file that is already cached in the user’s system, which reduces the overall time taken and increases the user experience.

Really amazing are these guys and lets get inspired from the leaders and let some revolutionary design be born.



Written by Ranjith

June 15, 2006 at 3:40 pm

Posted in UI

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