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Web2.0 continues to amaze me…

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This new buzzword in the internet world has been amazing me for months. Sorry, i cudnt post any interesting titles about it. Now, i feel its time i say some of my views too about it.

Its all about smart handling of information and there is nothing new in this as far as technologies are concerned. But we can see a large difference in the usability, user interaction and other factors in these new web apps tat comes branded as an application of web2.0. Let me put forward some examples.

‘Delicious’ – is an amazing application of web2.0, in which we can organise, maintain the bookmarks based on tagging system. This types of applications are user centric. ie, users play an important part in the contents of these apps. For instance, in delicious, we can post a link and organise it under a tag, that we think is suitable for that particular link. Now, the application is having a centralised database where it compares our entry with the millions of other entries by other users and allocate a priority to it, or give a sort of rank to that link tat denotes its popularity among the users. Basically we will be classifying the links under tags. These tags are the main factors for identifying a link here. We can Classify a link in more than one tag, thus increasing the meaningfulness and easiness to organise a link.

There are a lot of applications like this which serve different purposes. Flickr – online photo sharing app, digg – online news system, listible – links posted by users, suprglu – bringing all web2.0 information in one page based on ur username. These are some of my favs.

But there are heck a lot of web2.0 apps working now. Will try to post some useful information about them.



Written by Ranjith

June 13, 2006 at 2:30 pm

Posted in UI

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