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The leaders show the way once again – 2advanced in its new luk!

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From time immemorial, the designer community have been fascinated by the skills and the out of the box concepts exhibited by 2advanced designs. They continue to fascinate the designers worldwide. Now its in the form of their latest version of site…..’attractor’. This version boasts of the best ever usage of latest web technologies and design in flash, and is company’s best version of their website launched ever.

The notable thing is that they made the community wait in the pinpoint for their launch, by introducing a cracked design of their previous version. All the hoax beginned on 26th of may when the studio uploaded a design of their then current version, which was cracked all over and seemed like 2advanced was being hacked by somebody ;-)….they made all teh designers extremely keen for the new version and atlast after 2 or 3 days, they lauched the version ‘attractor’, which is not only a feast to the eyes but also, have exhibited a great blending of technologies and have once again showed the community how the limits can be challenged…

Now about the new far as the traditional 2a style is concerned, they have made a different approach here. Now we cant see the jazzy..dynamic animations that adored the 2a sites for long. They have given more importance to the content here and have made effective usage of dynamic content technologies like XML etc… The bg of the site is a classic, done by eric jordan himself. They are really cool. But i fear the latest 2a site id meant only for the high speed users and it that heavy…. Another great thing done by them was the launch of theri new official blog site – ‘’.

Lets draw inspiration frm the emperors and lets move on…..


Written by Ranjith

June 9, 2006 at 12:38 pm

Posted in UI

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