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XML & HTML – Peeping into this relationship…

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Having decided to concentrate in the web, ive been in a search for a technology which enables me to put some dynamic data into my webpages without having to go too far into complex database packages like Oracle, SQL and all. Having met XML, i think the search is almost over for me now !

XML – Xtensible Markup Language, can be efficiently used with html, to create some brilliant user experience. This language is actually for managing the data and we can display it through HTML, XSL. It as all other languages is an ocean and the key is to master those parts of the technology that you need and which are of most use for yourself in effectively increasing the speed of workflow, and im just trying to do that with this language. Right now im referring XML bible, and once i get the technical parts right, i shall be in a position to enter the league of XML pros….hopefully and expect more useful posts from me related to this new technology also from me.


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June 26, 2006 at 12:06 am

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Adieu Tables…..Enter the CSS

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It seems that the era of tables will be meeting its end sooner or later. With the advent of CSS, the tabular way of layouting is no longer considered professional. The DIV tag is starting to dominate the web all over.
But there is room for the tables, due to the robust and precise output that they give and that is the reason that they are surviving the war with CSS. But speaking technically, CSS layouts using div tags are preferred over tables, coz of their flexibility. You include all the formatting and layouting parameters in the css file and just place the data in tags in the html, and whenever you need a change in theme or even the whole layout, voila……it all can be done in seconds…thats the power of using CSS in designing layouts. Also, tables stand valid for laying out tabular data and that is wat table is meant for. So, no more spacer images……or table hacks…lets be a part of the transition from tables to CSS.

But we remember you, sweet TABLES 😉 !

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June 22, 2006 at 11:57 pm

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Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) | beware of this injury !

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Just went through an article that says about this health problem that most designers face with. Its Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), which results of repetitive actions that are inevitable for designers like the usage of mouse and hands to do repetitive tasks.

Have a luk at this article and you will find how to take precautionary measures to avoid this.

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June 21, 2006 at 5:35 pm

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Best ever css tutorial ive come across !

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This is simply awesome. The tutorial flow and the content here in this css tutorial is really superb. A gr8 thing to start with for css aspirants

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June 21, 2006 at 1:16 am

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Unlocking the treasures of vector illustration

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Its been sometime, ive given some quality time to unlock my skills in vector illustration. It was an unopened door and ive never tried to venture to those areas of design. This weekend gave me some inspirational thoughts and some quality time to start experimenting my skills in illustration. Just got amazed how easy it was to make an appealing illustration with a lil bit of eye for details and a load of patience.

I successfully did 2 illustrations and uploaded it in my portfolio section in my portfolio site. Have a luk at them in

Now on ill be working to improve my vector illustrating skills. 🙂

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June 19, 2006 at 11:32 pm

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2advanced crosses the flash barrier with DDL

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Was going deep into the v.5 of 2advanced official site. They just amazes me with the amount of hardwork and innovation being included in each of their work. This one is a real stunner for the entire flash community. This time, we have to gaze into the usage of technology in the site rather than the jazzy animations that used to be their primary weapon.
They have literally crossed the barrier of flash usability hurdles when compared to a html site.

‘Use’ the site, and you will find that it behaves like an html site, with all functionalities of a browser available, despite being a complete flash site.

They have made the site to communicate with the browser using some groundbreaking technologies. After going through the case studies given in the site which is basically a behind the scene article, i came to knwo that they have developed a modular sub-system called DDL(Dynamic Deep Linking), that enables the flash movies to commnicate with the user’s browser, which are believed to be impossible in a flash site. Now we can use the history, back, forward buttons, create bookmarks, etc, without returning to the start of the movie.
Another breathtaking innovation done by these guys are XML data caching, where the browser requests for data are processed from an XML file that is already cached in the user’s system, which reduces the overall time taken and increases the user experience.

Really amazing are these guys and lets get inspired from the leaders and let some revolutionary design be born.


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June 15, 2006 at 3:40 pm

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Web2.0 continues to amaze me…

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This new buzzword in the internet world has been amazing me for months. Sorry, i cudnt post any interesting titles about it. Now, i feel its time i say some of my views too about it.

Its all about smart handling of information and there is nothing new in this as far as technologies are concerned. But we can see a large difference in the usability, user interaction and other factors in these new web apps tat comes branded as an application of web2.0. Let me put forward some examples.

‘Delicious’ – is an amazing application of web2.0, in which we can organise, maintain the bookmarks based on tagging system. This types of applications are user centric. ie, users play an important part in the contents of these apps. For instance, in delicious, we can post a link and organise it under a tag, that we think is suitable for that particular link. Now, the application is having a centralised database where it compares our entry with the millions of other entries by other users and allocate a priority to it, or give a sort of rank to that link tat denotes its popularity among the users. Basically we will be classifying the links under tags. These tags are the main factors for identifying a link here. We can Classify a link in more than one tag, thus increasing the meaningfulness and easiness to organise a link.

There are a lot of applications like this which serve different purposes. Flickr – online photo sharing app, digg – online news system, listible – links posted by users, suprglu – bringing all web2.0 information in one page based on ur username. These are some of my favs.

But there are heck a lot of web2.0 apps working now. Will try to post some useful information about them.


Written by Ranjith

June 13, 2006 at 2:30 pm

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