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Freelancing…is it that tough ??? :-(

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Have been working hard to establish in freelancing, but while working in a company. Well, the first 2 experiences have given me very bitter memories. The client’s and my perspectives were never matching. I was just hoping that ill get the design confirmation as soon as i show him the first draft, but he is so demanding and never liked the designs that i did over and over again, atlast there was a point of time where we had to abort the project.

Dont know if he is playing any prank, but nothing has worked for me yet. Still trying hard. As far as the designs are concerned, i dont think ive done a bad job at all. They( 4 different layouts) were professional enough and i cant think of a reason y it shud ve failed.

Anyway all these are learning experiences and will have 2 live with it. Now im into settingup my online portfolio, asap……looking for a change towards a dream company 🙂


Written by Ranjith

May 28, 2006 at 5:42 pm

Posted in Professional Life

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