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Sitting idle in the workplace, just gifted me some valuable time to get deeper into the fathoms of the net. Always a source for inspiration, this network of information is really amazing, and ive been telling this for years and i really cant help saying it……
Was going through a famous forum for flash and tried to know more about it. Was just amazed about the person behind such a phenomenal meeting point of flash aspirers and professionals all around the world. The wow factor just got bigger when i came to know that the person behind this was a student and who is younger than me….wanna know which forum im talking about?
It is, a guy called kirupa chinnathampi is behind this and he is a sophomore in MIT (Sophomore means second year undergraduate in US), specialising in electrical engineering and computer science.

Was really aweinspired by this and was wondering how much room for improvement a man can get if he is in european/american countries !!!! The course structure there and other things that are available there are some key factors of this difference.

No wonder y there are such great designers out there in those developed countries. I think for india to be in the map of designers worldwide, we need such course structures that make the students realise the right path to chose and to provide genuine information about the standards of designing for various media. Now, as the case is, i dont think there are too many designers who are trained in their budding stage from genuine trainers, they just come out by trial and error and thsi may hamper the design standard of indian designers……so according to me well structured courses related to designing can bring india to the global designer map.


Written by Ranjith

May 26, 2006 at 1:16 pm

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