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The fantastic world of 3D modelling

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Just peeped into a whole new world of 3D modelling. Seems like a small kid gazing to the mountainious terrains and climbers trying to conquer each peaks….
This is a real vast landscape where one have to be so patient and alert. Making up mind to leap into this field requires a lot of perseverance i understand now. Let me see if i can maintain the same level of enthusiasm and interest all the time as far as 3D modelling is concerned

Starting to experiment with the userfriendly Swift3D, and planning to go further…..

But will be moving deep and steady only after may -2, as ill be leaving for my home town this weekend and wll be back only by then…

Now my mind is excited about my meeting with my family 😀


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April 13, 2006 at 12:29 am

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The power of vector and 3d animation in web

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Just beginning to unpack the exciting world of vector and 3d animation in web. How cool these vector graphics are, when used efficiently in website layouts !!
There seems to be no limit for my joy. Just uploaded a website, after using some vector graphics in it, and i feel like a notch up in my graphic design abilities. These vector graphics are changing the entire standard of the whole layout and a sense of professional touch seems to be present in the page 🙂

The vector tool tat im using is corel draw-12 and this is just amazing……!!!!

Now into another area where there is equal, perhaps more excitement!!! 3d animation in web….!
Yup im talking about the cool 3d animation software for web – SWIFT 3D. Trying to inculcate a 3d touch to my future projects, by learning advanced modelling and animation techniques so that i can upgrade into high end 3d tools like 3dmax and maya in the future 🙂

Oooh lala..there is a whole new world out there still to be explored………..!!!!!

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April 10, 2006 at 11:29 pm

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Feeling lost in a sea of developers……

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Developers developers everywhere…not a ‘quality’ designer to work with…..

You need not be a shakespeare to produce such masterpieces..;-)…..i feel like this in my current job. With a stream of developers around i feel lost as a designer. Iwas always luking for a palce where i can share my ideas with my designer team mates, and learn new techniques and sharpen my design skills from the seniors of the team. But, there seems to be no end for my dilemma….this is going to a wild goose chase for me…..expecting a designer team to be built here in my company!!

Anyway..all i can do is to wait, wait, wait, wait……and WAIT :-_ _

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April 1, 2006 at 1:58 am

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