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Backup your site definitions…

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Nearing the completion of an very exhausting and gigantic project, that ive done. This is a very much satisfiying, but equally testing project for me. Having completed all the screens in html, now the hurdle before me is to setup a prototype of the application which should indicate the basic screenflow and functionality of the application, to the client.
Ther are almost 150 html fiels that need to be linked and maintaining them logically is a great experience. With the powerful dreamweaver, the job indeed is lot faster, but the maintanence is equally challenging for me. Ive been probing for some tips in maintaining files using dreamweaver, and i came across this interesting topic

Backing up site definitions in Dreamweaver

With a lot of sites to maintain, losing a site defined in dreamweaver can be disastrous. We can export the site definitions in a . ste format and save it for use as a backup. I am posting some screenshots on how this is to be done.

From the manage site option from ‘site menu’, the following screen results. Click on the export button to export the site being selected. Archive the file wherever you want. If you wanna import saved .ste definitions, use the ‘import’ button to do the same. This really is a saviour in times of data loss.

So friends, start backing up your site definitions now…


Written by Ranjith

February 10, 2006 at 8:35 pm

Posted in UI

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