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A Webdesigner’s prerequisites….

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One of the basic skills of a web-designer, should be his expertise in html and css. There is a common misperception among some designers about html and its simplicity, and the importance of css. Starting the exploration in depth of html and css, was infact a turning point to my web career. This blog will be a reflection of my views and various techniques that i come across in due course of time, relating to the tools that matter the most to a designer.

HTML is a vast subject, and a designer should be aware, how to design a page compliant to international standards, than just to give importance to the look and feel of it. For this he needs a vast indepth knowledge of the standards being laid forward by w3c(World wide web consortium), and about the various browsers available. CSS also plays an important role towards the next generation web pages that give no limits to a designer’s creativity alongwith complying to the web standards…hence a satisfied client and a internationally standardised webpage !!!!

We will discuss about the various topics ranging from the latest updates in web designing to the newest technique used for a great web page.

All comments are welcome and lets start a healthy discussion from here on which is….all professional!!!!


Written by Ranjith

January 8, 2006 at 1:42 pm

Posted in UI

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